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5 ways to get creative ideas through the Divine Intelligence

Radha always envied Krishna’s flute as it always rested close to her Lord. One day, furious Radha bursted out, “How can you be so close to my Krishna? What makes you so enchanting?” The flute replied calmly, “Radha, I am completely hollow. I have surrendered myself to the will of my God. This captivating music is nothing but a form of breath passing directly through Him.”

A great artist is like the flute or any hollowed-out instrument through which the divine flows. The hollowness represents the artist’s soul that has emptied egoism and selfishness. Thus, enabling the artist to let the divine flow through him and create soul-stirring masterpieces centuries would reminisce.

I believe a Masterpiece is not made with intense or deliberate thought, it just happens to you! How do you think the great grandmaster artists, composers, and musicians like Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Mozart, Beethoven, or for that matter our very own Artist Raja Ravi Verma, moved hearts with their ethereal creativity? I believe it was this Divine Intelligence flowing through them. When it inspires you, joy fills your heart. If not Divine Intelligence, what was it that inspired Archimedes while taking bath and made him run naked shouting “Eureka, Eureka!!” in sheer ecstasy?

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Published by Harshada Vispute

Though a Post-graduate in Management and earlier worked for various industries, Harshada treasured her passion for painting by self-learning. She is also a good writer and has written books for the organization she worked. However, her deep-seated love for colours couldn’t let her stay inside the four walls of the corporate world. Determined to pursue her passion, she left for Dharamshala to learn Thangka painting, a rare Tibetan art form. Most of her other artworks find their backdrop in the scenic beauty of nature. Her love for art and writing, together with the zeal to inspire self-made artists like her, gave birth to

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