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Artist Harshada Vispute

Inspire the Artist in YOU!

‘Follow your passion’ has become a cliché in every motivational speech. But, the real challenge begins when you actually start living these words. I remember, when I left my job to follow my art passion, I saw many eyes rolling, some people in awe, some in envy, and few in sheer reverence. How can you leave such a good job? Do you know how difficult it is to survive as an artist? Why become Artist after spending a bomb on MBA? I am sure, if you are an aspiring artist like me, these questions haunt you too. Happily, there is another set of people who really admire you, because you could take that leap of faith, which they couldn’t.

I have been in the Art industry for a while now and tested some waters. I came across people who loath you for not having a formal education in Art and there are others who appreciate you for being so remarkable without it. I decided to trust and believe the latter and work on myself so I could stand equally among this ‘formally educated’ Artist community. 

The seed of Apna Art Adda (AAA) blog was sowed long back in 2017 when I went to study Thangka painting in Dharamshala. I realized that many artists (both formally educated and self-taught) lack one thing – Knowledge. Artists don’t read. They love painting but, they don’t want to know why an art form is a way it is. Sadly, I was one of these artists. It dawned on me how little I knew about Art and the industry as a whole. I realized just making Art is not enough. Learning about its history, the techniques, and the story behind the masterpiece makes it doubly laudable! At this point of realization, the journey of ‘Autodidact Artist’ began.

With this blog, I aim to reach all the aspiring artists who took that leap of faith and wish to emerge as an established artist. If I could inspire even one artist through my writing I believe the purpose of this blog is justified.

Please feel free to share your suggestions or valuable inputs to help AAA serve you with better information and insights. Also, if you wish to write for us please share your write up to


Stay Inspired. Self-Educate. Create Masterpieces!

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