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Insecure about your ART? 11 Easy Ways to gain confidence back

Guess, what is the most heart-wrenching thing about social media these days?

You keep scrolling and taddaaa! 

You stumble upon a groundbreaking work by fellow artists and the ‘insecure-bug’ resurrects!

It stealthily crawls inside your brain and gobbles down all the possible confidence you gained doing art.

What more? It poisons you with torturous self-doubt and bashful self-criticism, pushing you into an interminable pit that engulfs you with dread, never to make art again. (creepy!)

“I am not good enough. I will never be able to achieve that level of excellence. They have better resources. Oh! They can do it because of their formal education in art. I don’t know enough. I am good for nothing. My art is no good. I don’t feel like painting now. I will start tomorrow…blah blah”.

CAUTION: If you are doing this self-talk, the insecure-bug has rolled up its sleeves in your head. 

Hmm… let’s check how much impact it has made.

Here’s a checklist I have made to help you self-analyze and identify negative emotional patterns this bug is creating and help correct them.

(It is funny how we see these patterns in others and fail to see them in our own selves.)

So, here we go!

  • You criticize or find fault in others work
  • You find it difficult to accept constructive criticisms
  • You see every other artist as your competitor
  • You always wonder what others have to say about your art
  • You feel upset if someone doesn’t appreciate your work
  • You rely on external factors such as income, degree, awards, etc. to decide your self-worth

Are you guilty of ticking all the points above?

Cool down. It’s OKAY. 

Stop feeling guilty about it. It is but natural and quite common. 

So, what’s the solution?

What should you do when insecurity, self-doubt or fear engulfs you.

Following tips will help you to correct these emotional patterns and experience a bounce back!

  1. Distance yourself from social media until you gain confidence back. I know social media is important for an artist. Staying away for a day or two will not harm.
  2. Just ignore it. I know that insecure-bug is eating you, demotivating you, and lowering your self-esteem. Pull yourself out before it swallows you. How? Simply divert your thoughts.
  3. Do something other than art. Stroll around, grab that old guitar and play some tune, cook something today, or just do anything that cheers up your mood.
  4. Look at ‘not so’ good art. Not to make you feel better, but to feel inspired. Look how the artist is not being harsh on themselves and their art. It needs courage, indeed.
  5. Look at what you have other than art. You have eyes that can see the beautiful sun setting behind the trees. You have a roof and a bed to rest peacefully. A true artist is the one who is able to appreciate life!
  6. Step back and ask yourself why you are making art in the first place. Is it to please everyone around? If your art is made from the viewers’ perspective then, you must rethink. Art is the window to Artist’s own world for the viewers to see and not otherwise.
  7. Cry it out if you want to. It doesn’t make you weak. Guys out there – “Mard ko dard nahi hota” (Men don’t feel pain) is not real! (Apologies, Big B fans :P) Honestly, it is a natural way of our body to release that negative emotion. But, put a limit to how much you sulk.
  8. Meditate. Believe me, it really helps. It is a great way to recharge yourself and improve your creativity levels.
  9. Comeback to your art and find a lesson, once you feel better. I know you don’t want to look at your art. But, dare and look at it. Find out why you are not happy with it and work on it. Don’t throw it away. Keep it. It will inspire you someday, I am sure.
  10. Improve your skills. You see the other artist is good at something which you are not. Instead of sulking about it, why not learn it? That adds a new feather to your cap!
  11. Set small targets. Trick your brain into taking action by setting small goals. Say “I will sketch only for 5 minutes.” When you actually achieve the target, it makes you feel good about yourself.

Before closing, another bonus tip!

It is okay to feel low when you come across path-breaking art.

We all deal with it. So, what makes the difference?

Let me give you a simple example. Do you really think McD sells the world’s best and yummiest burgers? (I know your answer :P)

Yet, you see their outlets all across the globe. Why?

Because Richard and Maurice took ACTION. Don’t think too much. Take the first step and everything else will follow.

If you know any fellow artist who does amazing work and suffering from low self-esteem or lack of confidence, then this is the time to help them out.

Quickly, share this blog post! You never know, you could be the reason for their most needed bounce back!


Published by Harshada Vispute

Though a Post-graduate in Management and earlier worked for various industries, Harshada treasured her passion for painting by self-learning. She is also a good writer and has written books for the organization she worked. However, her deep-seated love for colours couldn’t let her stay inside the four walls of the corporate world. Determined to pursue her passion, she left for Dharamshala to learn Thangka painting, a rare Tibetan art form. Most of her other artworks find their backdrop in the scenic beauty of nature. Her love for art and writing, together with the zeal to inspire self-made artists like her, gave birth to

2 thoughts on “Insecure about your ART? 11 Easy Ways to gain confidence back

  1. Amazing tips on handling insecurity… applicable to my work too even though i am not an artist. Thanks Harshada!


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